Developing A Sales Process That Works


    Like a lot of businesses out here, your sales could probably use a good shot in the arm. Whether you are just getting your ideas launched or your business has been around for thirty years already, either way, it is easy to lose track of sales efficiency with so much else to attend to every day. But don't fall into a cold calling trap!
    Our Magnetic Marketing strategies are the Gold Standard for attracting sales naturally, using holistic customer psychology often paired with cutting edge online solutions.

How We Help: A Consulting Menu

  • >> Sharing the "Magnetic Marketing" Mindset
  •     If years of trial and error on the street has taught us anything that we can do to save you time, money and aggravation, please propagate the Magnetic Marketing mindset throughout your business's strategy. It is, hands down, one of the most important concepts we can recommend for building your business "the right way."
        Magnetic Marketing will save you aeons of aggravation, loads of money on buying advertising and tankfuls of frustration of having the proverbial door slammed in your face over and over again by prospects you could have sworn were poster children for your product or service.

  • Small and Micro Startup Advisory
  • >> SW/OT and Competitive analysis
  •     "SW/OT analysis" is a tool for measuring your company in its environment. It is one of the first critical stages of planning and helps marketers to focus on key issues. SW/OT stands for strengths & weaknesses (internal factors), opportunities & threats(external factors). SW/OT typically precedes a competitive analysis which, as the name implies, is an exploration of the companies in a given industry or niche that are competing with your compan's products or services for market share. Our analyses are based on a 23‐point, in‐depth exploration of you and your competitors.

  • >> Strategic Development
  •     This can be an extensive process that includes a review the organization's goals and its situational environments, such as corporate culture, economic, IT, etc; determine or update the business's mission, vision and values statements; analyze demographics, market trends and market segmentation; competitive analysis using SW/OT and emphasizing areas of new opportunity; conduct analysis of product lines, customer satisfaction & brand loyalty; recommend a strategic diagnosis based on internal vs. external; and finally, develop an action plan and its associated operational budgeting.

  • Lead Generation
  • >> HTML & CSS Web Design
  •     If an all-new design or a redesign of your company's website could strategically enhance and support your business's traditional marketing objectives, we are well‐prepared to code the layout and implement the launch on your behalf. Keyword research comes standard with our web design projects and on-page SEO is an extra option.

  • >> Classified Ad Strategies
  •     One easily overlooked small business marketing strategy involves classifieds. You might have posted or answered a Craigslist ad on occasion so it's not hard to believe that that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to about how to use the many classified forums to bring in leads and make money that you should know before you launching a full‐scale classified campaign.

  • >> Email Marketing
  •     One of the cornerstones of creating business has become communicating with your customer base regularly. Email is the new direct marketing and there is a huge amount to learn if you not only want to get beyond sending out emails that actually get opened but also convert leads into sales. We can set up and connect all the tools you need to build your list, manage your contacts, craft well-written messages and headlines and create opportunities for your prospects to buy in exchange for minimal investment.

  • Launching a Blog On Your Website
  • Local Search Visibility
  • >> Social Media Strategy
  •     Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on are important venues where people who are interested to buy things can find you. Positioning yourself properly is essential, and the pages that small and local businesses set up are frequently under‐managed or begun without purpose, so monetizing one's efforts with social media has become notoriously challenging. Let us lead you down a different path: one with framework systematically designed with the goal of bringing in new targeted customers on a consistent basis.

  • >> Press Releasing
  •     One of the quickest ways to drive new awareness in your territory is to create a press release whenever you have created something newsworthy. The press is hungry for things to write about if only you have a plan for how to get your information out to them. Of course, creating stories worth reading becomes the critical starting point when considering this tactic.

  • >> Launch Your Business Online
  •     You have a business and you have not put up a website yet? Come on, it is 2013! Even if your website is up, fewer than one quarter are much more than a detailed business card / portfolio gallery. The internet is one of the most powerful marketing tools man has ever known and harnessing this stallion to deliver business to your phones and your doorstep is an unbelievably important step in growing your business properly. Our Project Director can work with you directly to outline a budget‐friendly online strategy designed to bring in many times the return on your investment.

  • >> Reputation Management
  •     We have said many times that the element of trust is critical to doing business for the vast majority of potential clients. If you tell someone your product is good and someone else says it is not, you have a problem to solve. Helping you to overcome these issues is an important part of our business, since even a single loud voice can cause a lot of damage online these days and more than one could spell imminent disaster.

  • >> Branding and Print Solutions
  •     How professional an image you project to your market makes an enormous difference. Improving upon the branding you have, with all the materials that go along, is a step worth periodically reconsidering. Even massive companies like Coke and Yahoo occasionally make news by re-branding with new slogans or designed new logos and you should too. Not only do we have an excellent graphic design team, but our quality and printing prices will easily beat nearly any competitor.