Local Businesses Cannot Ignore Keyword Research

Buy fine wine near providence ri” – “landscapers near mansfield ma” – “carpet vs carpet tile” – If someone who needs what your business provides is not quite sure where they are going to find it, they are going to do a little investigating and that research begins with keywords. Are they going to find you? Take a minute now and try it yourself. Go to a search engine and type in your town and anything but your company name. Is your business on the first page of the results? Go on and try a couple more phrases that you would hope might snag people’s attention and make a real difference in your company’s ability to get calls. Any luck yet?

More and more often, clients-to-be with money to spend are doing everything from preliminary to last-minute research on what their options are, and the way they do it is so clear, you have just proven it to yourself. In fact, you are one of them: “where to get clapboard siding in ma” – “best way to clean air ducts” – “how to get medicinal marijuana.” It can be hard to predict exactly where the right customer is going to type things in to look, but it is a whole lot easier to anticipate how they are going to find it: using categories and geographic references, using buying signal words vs. do-it-yourself “how to…” phrases, and choosing words that call out your specific products or services by name.

In so many ways, marketing today is about MAGNETISM and you know by now how badly you need to start playing by the new rules. In order to set up and execute an effective campaign of ATTRACTION, it is no longer so much about catchy slogans and unique selling propositions. It is about carefully researched, targeted keywords. That exercise a few minutes ago forced you to create an ideal customer in your mind and then put yourself in their shoes. Customers tend to use their heads along with numerous platforms to gather information, and if your name does not come up easily, then you are going to be out of luck… every time… again and again and again.

Conducting keyword research is now super-critical to any online marketing efforts, and should be a major influencer in how you set up your website, what you write about on your blog, what content you choose in your email campaigns and press releases, and can even become key to how you establish your company’s social media presence. There are plenty of tools out there to help you in your research, from Google and Bing’s basic free Keyword Tools to more expensive, information-rich programs like Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder that return plenty of actionable research data about how much demand vs. how much competition is out there for the phrases they suggest.

Unless there are drastic changes in how the online landscape works, well-chosen keywords are critical for yours and any local business to learn to use in order to project its presence into the marketplace. So as you continue to search for better ways to jockey past the competitors down the street and keep your phone ringing before theirs, first get your thinking cap on, climb into the heads of your customers and competitors, and start getting familiar with this new rule of business: conduct and utilize careful keyword selection.

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